Build a Future-Proof Organization

For courageous and visionary leaders with heart for the future. Who feel an urge to start a journey towards an organization where healthy results, engaged employees, and a sustainable use of natural resources are integrated.

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Leadership Retreat in Spain

“Our MT runs as never before and our business as well. We are +12% ahead of targets, and looking back I have to conclude that Spain has been the turning point.” – General Manager Heineken.

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Personal Leadership Journey

For managers who keep a lot of balls in the air, and know they could need some time for themselves, time to think, and create a plan for a sparkling, viable future.

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Looking for a vibrant & energetic speaker?

Inspire Your Audience

“With his positive attitude, incredible communication skills and profound business knowledge, Joost manages to establish a fruitful connection with us, the audience.”

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Mentoring and Coaching

Grow the Impact of Your Projects & Fees

For executive coaches, leadership team trainers, management consultants – with a strong ‘why’ related to a sustainable world – who can’t wait to increase the impact of their projects and their fees by 3 to 10 times (project size > €60k)

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Quit Your Job & Follow Your Dream

For corporate leaders and senior staff who are considering to quit their job to start pursuing their dream. Who believe that they can contribute to a sustainable world, and who are highly committed to turn their dream into reality (annual salary > €100k).

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Books with impact

The 15-Minute Inbox

“… Not only does Wouters give you a workable system that helps you eliminate future emails from clogging your inbox, but he also tackles the most important issue which is how we think about the tool of email. Through changing your mindset and implementing solid tools, Wouters has found the formula to help busy professionals gain back potentially hours within their week. A truly great book!” – Heather Remer

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The Couple Company

“Frieda Gogelein and Joost Wouters are partners in business and partners in life. In The Couple Company they share their way to integrate two seemingly separate areas: work and family life.”

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