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Experiences with ACTIMPACT
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by Niels Bultman on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

It is time to act. A great call to action as I was looking at the opportunities to work with the team on our future as a sales organization within the total company. With Joost we found a voice, sound bar and inspiration to create common ground for change in behavior & ways of working, setting us up as a fit for the future sales team.

There is not one path that leads to a certain goal, but it is his ability to guide and coach along the journey that makes Joost contribution so valuable. In a period of 6 months we have achieved to establish a common language, what it takes to be a team and how to inspire every day to be fit for the future and create a sustainable impact to our most valuable stakeholders; our consumers.

Now there is a sales team that works with a strong pay-off: people follow people, who know where they are going. And the why is embedded in their role as ambassadors of our great company. It is thanks to Joost his enthusiasm, ability to connect, challenge and forward thinking approach we have been able to unlock the energy, trust and confidence to its´ full potential.

by Virginie Pochart on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

I really enjoyed working with Joost ! Those 2 days workshop were simply said amazing. He's a great leader who brought my team to the next level helping them to be fit for the future. He creates instantly trust and proximity with people so his impact is immense. The vision, insights and deep understanding of business and organizations he has were very inspiring to me. We have a next session planned and I'm really looking forward to it !

by Joost Hardick on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Dank voor deze fantastische week! Het avontuur begon al meteen op maandagavond en heeft tot de laatste minuut geduurd.

De verwondering, verbazing maar ook de verrassingen volgden elkaar in hoog tempo op. Jullie hebben een zodanige omgeving gecreëerd waarin ik me totaal veilig en open voelde. Dit resulteerde in een nieuw zakelijk en zeer persoonlijk businessplan.

Ik heb genoten en veel over mijzelf geleerd. Daarnaast hebben jullie fantastisch voor me gezorgd. Het was allemaal heerlijk.

by Marco Perotti on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost is an incredible guy, he's a pleasant, sparkling, positive, senior business executive, who has turned his leadership skills into a service to help others to drive solid enduring turn-around by creating a mindset offering a structure to design change.

I classify Joost as a guru: who's clearly able to bring teams in a state of mind which allows them to win in the market place, to motivate the group to design their future and the short term + intermediate actions it takes to get there.

by Eric Geerlings on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost gave us a inspired workshop at our meeting of the Dutch Business Club Costa Blanca. In a relaxed way he gives you the tools and the skills for a better life management. A must to listen to. Thanks Joost!!

by Bram Quix on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

I had the pleasure of working with Joost on several occasions and topics at Imperial Tobacco Benelux. A lifetime experience which helped me in growing both as a BM but even more on a personal level.

The biggest merit I can contribute to Joost as a mentor and coach is growing self awareness and teamspirit. By combining and mapping business and personal objectives Joost is able to create synergies between both, in a way that feels very natural. I you have the chance to visit his facilities in Alicante, meet his lovely wife Frieda, enjoy the slow pace Spanish lifestyle, go for it - you wont regret it!

by Bianca Kroon on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Supersnelle workshop "Strategisch Plan voor Succes" bijgewoond van Joost. Wat een heerlijkheid is die man: het enthousiasme, de levensvreugd en, gewoon de juiste combinatie van op een zakelijke manier jezelf kunnen zijn. Zijn energie neemt bezit van de gehele ruimte en is aanstekelijk.

En wat het boek The Couple Company betreft: kijk eens naar de cover… Daar wordt een mens toch oprecht blij van. De inhoud ... pfft, is de bonus! Een absolute aanrader.

by Bas Lippens on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost is zeer nauw betrokken bij de samensmelting van onze kantoren in België en Nederland, tot een grote Benelux Business Unit. Met de verschillende manieren van werken en uiteraard het verschil in cultuur is het zeer prettig dat een externe coach ons ondersteund bij dit proces. Joost heeft door zijn ervaring binnen verschillende FMCG bedrijven en zijn rol als coach veel ervaring binnen dit soort trajecten. Voor mij is Joost een goede sparringpartner en zorgt hij ervoor dat teams, vanuit hun eigen kracht, de stappen zetten die noodzakelijk zijn. Je kunt hem het beste omschrijven als "Facilitator" die op de juiste momenten aanspoort tot actie.

Vooral op onze dagen in Spanje kijk ik met heel veel plezier terug. Tijdens deze dagen hebben wij elkaar als team beter leren kennen en waarderen. Door een paar dagen weg te zijn uit de dagelijkse business, op een meer dan magnifieke locatie, zijn er grote stappen gezet in het gehele integratieproces. Door het opstellen van heldere actiepunten zie je dat iedereen weer actief is aangesloten en dat is een grote winst.

by Rob de Otter jr. on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost has great understanding about efficiency, organization, and time-management skills. He pays close attention to what you say during preliminary conversation and tries to capture the essence of your requests in his keynote. It was a pleasure to have him during a business club meeting we organised.

by Luc Uijen on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Het uitnodigen van Joost als spreker voor onze Insight business dag heeft iedereen opnieuw aan het denken gezet over de benadering van onze verschillende doelgroepen. Met concrete voorbeelden en een interactieve setting een zeer geslaagde middag. Nogmaals bedankt Joost.

by Jeroen Mustert on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

I hired Joost twice (at Reckitt Benckiser and Wessanen) to implement a new way of working for our commercial organisation (called Commercial Teams); integrating marketing, trade marketing, sales, finance and supply chain in to commercial business units driving our brand portfolio from A to Z. Joost has completed both these assignments in an effective, fast & personable manner, leading to successful adoption, implementation and results shortly after. I would highly recommend any company to hire Joost for similar types of services.

by Mark Schilperoort on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost headed a workshop to establish a new way of working at a client I'm currently working for as Planning Manager (Wessanen Benelux). His concepts & ideas and the way he managed to get them across in very limited time (1.5 days) were great. One of the best workshops I have participated in! Pragmatic, practical & well focused. Optimal use of time, and easy to follow steps. Results that are actionable immediately. This is a step-change in how the organization works!

by Marleen van Wouwe on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost has been working with different teams on leadership, business strategy and processes and is able to find the perfect balance between WHAT and HOW. He has guided us through changes in both our business, our team(s) and our own roles and responsibilities in a highly efficient, effective and personal way! Joost is highly capable of adjusting his style or programme to the needs of an individual or team.

by Bart Alkemade on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

I brought Joost in a few months after my start with Imperial Tobacco Netherlands. He has been a key factor bringing my management team together into 1 team and changing its behaviour to that of a leadership team. First for the Netherlands and later for the Benelux when they were integrated into 1 business. The latter was a time consuming and delicate exercise which showed that Joost can also deliver in a multi-cultural context.

Joost drives for results and doesn’t let go, but is quick to adapt the agenda if he feels the specific situation requires a different approach. This attitude and flexibility whilst still staying on course, makes Joost’s sessions so highly effective. We have at least 3 sessions per year and I always leave high spirited and with a clear agenda of deliverables. I would recommend Joost to any GM who needs to build ONE team AND deliver challenging business results.

by Michel Kas on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost has inspired our team on a fantastic way! There is a basis for a successful cooperation between multiple disciplines within our organization. Joost has a sharp vision and brings clarity to complex processes.

by Gerald Tijssen on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

With an exploded emailbox I went a week on holiday with a book from Joost Wouters: The 15-Minute inbox!

Just a small notepad to write down my new 'tactics' I've got inspired more and more while reading. When coming back to the office I started working in the new way, and after a few days I realised that ultimate moment: an empty inbox! And exactly as Joost describes in his book: what a fantastic moment!

Since then I use the way of working and it really helps me to focus on the things that helps me realise our targets. It gives me good overview. Sometimes its hard when busy moments arise, and the mailbox fills quickly...stick to the plan!

Thanks Joost -> good book, great value for money: buy!

by Claudia Poehl on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost did a great workshop for us to increase our ability to work better together as a team. We defined common goals and could translate them pretty well into real business life. It was very effective, but also great fun to facilitate the workshop in Alicante with a great view over the ocean.

by Puneet Narang on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost ran a workshop for Reckitt Benckiser Turkey. He did very good ground work before the workshop and was very well versed with the issues at the start of the workshop. His vast knowledge of the commercial world and a very impactful facilitation got the best out of everyone. He is a very pleasant person to work with.

by Joost Bijsterveld on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

In the relatively short 2-day timeframe that I have spent with Joost and our leadership team, we rapidly managed to define clear joint leadership team objectives, gathered interesting supporting insights and left a successful & social event with a suitcase full of ideas to further built upon. Joost’s specific team approach and joyful character made this event a very unique experience for all of us.

by Joris Willemse on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost has worked with our operational leadership team in a very inspiring and professional way. He is excellent in bringing the combination of process thinking and teambuilding together with a good understanding of the FMCG business. Besides that he is a pleasant person to work with.

by Samuel Abbott on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

I really enjoyed working with Joost on a recent leadership workshop. He has a very relaxed and calming manner which creates the perfect environment for teams develop and individuals to grow as leaders.

During the workshop he demonstrated that he can be very flexible, tailoring the program throughout the workshop to ensure our team made made the maximium possible progress on our leadership journey.

by Gijs Lenders on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

In a short timeframe Joost is able to create a comfortable and thrustworthy atmosphere, in which everybody opens up naturally. He is flexible, giving a group the impression of controlling the agenda. With his enthousiasm he is able to give each individual the energy he or she needs at the right moment. Participants may experience sessions, facilitated by Joost, as relaxing and refreshing. Joost is an expert in his field. In summary, a safe and excellent choice.

by Ronald van Bilsen on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

I have enjoyed working with Joost along with the rest of our management team. Joost has the experience to build teams in an environment which provides room to overcome hurdles and is keen to work towards practical/tangible solutions.

by Steve Brock on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost is a deeply experienced, empathetic, highly knowledgable team building expert. He understands team dynamics and individuals characteristics and how to build stronger, high performing teams.

by Idem Lykkesfeldt on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

I have enjoyed a working session with Joost along with the rest of the RB Nordic Marketing Team.

He is a very goal oriented mediator, pushing the limits to maximum even on informal issues to come up with action plans, where mostly chaos or unclarity prevails, thus helping the team to refocus on priorities and stay on track.

He is also a great negotiator in bringing new teams together to discuss and come up with mutually agreed actions even on intangible and delicate subjects through inducing communication and creating a trust environment.

I would highly recommend Joost´s company for strategic partnerships, marketing/brand workshops and teambuilding coaching.

by Christian Münstermann on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost is able to unleash the power of the organization and team. He is able to create awareness and high level of motivation in his work with the teams. His broad commercial and trainings experience combined with the high level of understanding for market requirements and his ability to translate them into set up of the work with the people makes his contribution very powerful. He has great capacity to build teams and give them room to overcome hurdles. Participants’ experience sessions as hard work and intensive time but a lot of fun and positive memories that last and very good insights / learning’s that could be taken back to the business next day. Joost is an outstanding trainer and coach and his sessions and trainings add a high contribution to create winning cross functional teams.

by Johnny Due on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost hosted a team event in the Marketing team where I attended. It was only 1 day, so a very compressed program, but I think Joost managed to get some thinking into the team in this short time, giving us a starting point for further discussions and team work.

by Ruud van den Eijnden on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

I worked a couple of times with Joost. He is able to get a team moving, focussing on what is important and what is working. This brings the team very fast in the process in a “can do” attitude. During his facilitation, Joost is able to adapt very quickly, at the same timing keeping the overall process and end goal in mind. He combines a very warm and inviting personality with a tough and “no excuse” business mentality. After our workshop, the team was aligned and committed on a clear strategic agenda; we managed to work on team dynamics and business content at the same time, having some fun along the way too, Joost is keen on creating the right environment for a team to excel, and is very open to team’s input during the process.

by Alexander Brinkerink on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

In a very short time, Joost managed to get our team together on one page and to support us in this process. He not only focused on team building but helped us putting a budget plan together at the same time. Very practical and usable outcome!

by Marco Monti on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost contributed to run a project with RB Nordic Marketing organisation - being professional, setting up realistic expectations, preparing with care every single detail and getting enormous potential out of the team. Therefore, I do endorse Joost expertise - it helped all of us to make a huge step forward as a team.

by Rumen Kolev on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost, I have rarely seen such a professional approach! Thanks.

by Ana Mota on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Changes in structures and Operating Model lead to an increased role of the Category teams within the organization. However, the change could only be succesful if the Category Teams understood and commited to their revised role.

For this objective Joost has created a 1 ,5-day workshop designed to integrate the Operational Model, create clarity and simultaneously build team spirit.

This was a very effective way to bring this change; feedback from all participants was very positive with a stronger identification with the process and higher levels of ownership.

I would strongly recommend Joost work for other companies faced with similar challenges

by Neven Madzharov on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

I met Joost at the beginning of an important journey, our company undertook at the beginning of 2011. He made a great job to facilitate the discussion, so that we built our strategic 5 year plan around the vision we had. The critical success factors were there: Joost's broader commercial knowledge, the ability to integrate and further develop different views, stimulating others to be creative, the energy radiated to the full team, as well as acting and living as part of our team. In addition to that, the workshop settings helped a lot to be extremely sharp, creative and open: beach location and good balance between mental and physical activities.

I highly recommend Joost to facilitate strategic discussions of teams who are determined to make a next big step and need a bit of team dynamics, reflection, challenging view and spark.

by Peter Lundblad on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

I spend 3 days with Joost and the Rb team, key out take was a creating a clear base for our Core teams, than developing a business plan what/how/when. Joost is a clear inspiration and with easy tools he makes the team/group to open up, come up with common understanding and a mutual business plan.

Also the location in Spain was perfect, I can recommend Joost and the Actimpact Team for many companies/teams that would like to step change a business, key is that Joost helps with the building the plan, then it's up to the teams to make it happen.

by Gijs ten Bosch on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

The strategy session we held under the guidance and leadership of Joost was very impactful. Within a few days we were able to formulate our strategic goals with actionable steps in a way that would give us a very concrete plan, ready to communicate throughout the entire organization. On top of this Joost puts a personal touch and flavor over the entire workshop which inspired me to set priorities not only in the business environment.

by Thierry García Del Vecchio on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

For me Joost is an excellent teacher: very positive mind, very proactive and dynamic, clear, and flexible. He listens every moment to his students and masters his class with a big serenity. He is a big heart, a big person, an amazing teacher, and a fantastic profesional business man!!

International sales was a big experience class and also the coaching and personal growth was a strong moment!! Joost is an extraordinary teacher!!

by Mark Cooper on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

A very inspiring 3 days which will really make a difference in achieving our business results. Builds great team spirit and clear direction.

by Remco Louwers on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Spending time on strategy development and team building in an environment that supports creative thinking and forgetting daily business, is something every team should do before starting a journey or changing their way of working.

by Oana Damian on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Energetic and vibrant: this is how I would describe Joost´s classes! With a positive attitude, incredible communication skills and profound business knowledge, he managed to establish a fruitful connection between us, his students. The class became a team and Joost was an important part of it: coach, colleague, supporter and adviser. Thank you Joost!

by Teresa O'Driscoll on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Well done! The goal was reached, the group never lost sight of it and were enthusiastic all day. This success is one for all of us. Thank you for doing this in a controlled yet not rigid way. I recommend this to all teams across the board regardless of what they do.

by Jeroen Hilberts on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Joost is an authentic and original consultant/coach/facilitator with enourmous energy and drive. He made it possible that we overscored our EBIT target very substantially and had more fun and collaboration along the way. He is Mr Results.

by Jan Alberdingk Thijm on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

We hired Joost when our market was in a down turn and we needed a combination of team building and a shared and focused strategy. Joost was key to helping us turn our company around and restore our business to profitability way a head of the market. He is a great facilitator and will not only help you believe the impossible is possible, but will also help you achieve it.

by Wiko Mocking on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

ACTIMPACT has ensured that our whole sales department has become more proactive, stronger and more decisive and that the cooperation with marketing has been reinforced. The sessions, both the two-day workshop and the monthly follow-up sessions, were a great base to reinforce the team spirit within my Sales MT. By really sharing successes, but also by making disappointments open for discussion, the commitment grows to achieve the common goals. The program formed a beautiful platform to launch all kinds of initiatives and activities which have raised the turnover and have increased the margin and market shares in almost all categories.

by Hanneke Willenborg on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

Our results after working with the programs from ACTIMPACT:

= Most of the team members made a big step in their personal development and their level of self confidence.

= Even in tough times, team members did not start pointing to other disciplines; everybody kept his or her own role without blaming others.

= The team has created shared ownership and responsibility for their business.

= The team is proud again on the way they work together and on their business results.

= The team will reach their targets.

= The external view of our team and business has changed: now it is seen as a team you want to be a member of.

= New members in the team feel welcome.

by Arnim Fischer on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

With our market share under pressure, we were facing a lot of challenges and workload a year ago. The biggest question was how to manage this with the limited resources we had available. Joost supported us to win a lot of battles, to create many Best Practices for the rest of the world and to become realistic in what we can and cannot accomplish. It really gave us the focus we needed.

by Boudewijn Haarsma on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

With 120,000 hl we had put ourselves a very challenging goal: 8% increase versus year ago. We have exceeded this ambitious objective. With 125,500 hl we have reached the highest volume in 14 years. Beside this milestone the team has achieved also enormous progress on individual and team performances. The key to these successes appeared to be each time the cooperation as one team and the focus on a limited number of goals where we looked at with each other regularly.

by Leendert den Hollander on Experiences with ACTIMPACT

For my team in the Netherlands, your training was a key next step in our team effectiveness program. As you know we started off with defining our mission as phase I, then we defined the way that we operate as phase II. Your training was part of Phase III, ie. focus on the individuals in the team. The feedback on your training has been great. The tool is very individual, actionable, practical and allows follow up.