Join our tribe?

Join our tribe?

Do you recognise this situation?

Every now and then we are approached by a client to have a “conversation”. So, we meet in a nice place, have a coffee and talk.

The conversation most often is about the person not longer enjoying what he or she is doing and looking at the “what’s next”. Instead of moving to the next company or the next promotion, they are exploring the opportunity to start for themselves. And since they are passionate about helping others to identify and remove the obstacles in their organizations, becoming a consultant will enable them to fulfil their real potential and to keep developing their skills and experiences.

Finally, the question arises if they could join the Actimpact Consulting Team. Having personally experienced what impact we generate, and what type of clients we attract, they rather build on this success and have a flying start than start from scratch and re-invent the wheel themselves.

And so it happens. Over the last years a General Manager from an international consulting firm, a Partner from an Executive Search firm and the HR Director of an international telecom company have quit their jobs and joined our forces. The owner of a Sports company, an independent trainer/consultant and three top facilitators followed.

So, if you are currently a key executive, working in General Management, Sales, Marketing, IT, HR, Supply or Finance or equivalent in the corporate sector, and if you recognize yourself in the above story, we might have to drink a coffee.

We offer:
  • The opportunity to build your own successful firm, as of day 1
  • Direct access to proven tools and methodologies
  • A client base that opens doors to new clients and existing clients in new countries
  • A superb sales support (including Value Based Fee setting and Negotiation)
  • Ongoing and pragmatic coaching and mentoring
  • An inspiring co-operation with people who have been there and done it themselves

Interested? The coffee is on us!