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Joost Wouters - founder, energetic inspirer
Joost Wouters – founder, energetic inspirer & shaper of future-proof organizations

“At ACTIMPACT we care about our world. We foster a future where the children of our children and the generations thereafter still have a place to live a happy life.

However, if I ask myself if our current behaviour leads to a sustainable world for us, our children, and the generations to come, I’m afraid I know the answer.

Every minute our world is getting more complex. We face environmental, health, financial, and political challenges that just are too big too handle. It seems that yesterday’s solutions are not sufficient anymore to tackle today’s problems. Let alone to address future challenges.

What we need is a new thinking, a new awareness, a new context for life, leadership and organizations. Not as a solution for the past, but as a possibility for an inspiring and sustainable future.

Working in corporate environments over the last 20+ years makes me realise that companies and organizations play a crucial role in this transformation. Not bound by borders, they have access to communities all over the globe.

That’s why we focus our activities to be with courageous, visionary corporate leaders with heart for the future, and the world of generations to come. Who feel an urge to identify the elements in their organization that are viable for the future, and create the space needed for it to grow and develop independent from current existing structures. To build an organization that would be approved by the future.

If this story resonates, I think we should have a conversation. We’d love to invite you over to discuss your challenges while enjoying a cortado or cafe con leche in the sun on the terrace next door. The coffee is on us!

(Or we could schedule a slot in our agendas for an Exploration Session via phone or Skype. Click here to book a time.)

Let’s talk soon!”

About us