A New Year’s Gift for All My Readers: 45 Minutes to Talk About You

Give me your biggest challenge and I’ll offer you my expertise in return.

Instead of wishing you all the best for 2016 (which I will do as well at the end), I want to give you something. Not a material gift, but an experience: I’d love to offer you 45 minutes of my time. To explore and discuss a challenge that you might face. Something that occupies your mind lately. A challenge that you’d like to tackle or start acting on. Something that would make 2016 a fantastic year if it would be solved.

Need some inspiration? Maybe you are …

  • Struggling to grow your business, find more clients, or send invoices that better reflect the value you deliver?
  • Thinking about quitting your job to follow your dream and do something different (but finding excuses all the time why not to act on it)?
  • Seeing disruptive competitors challenging your market position (or being aware you don’t want to wait until the Uber or Airbnb in your industry arrives)?
  • Feeling an urge to use your leadership position to turn your company into a future-proof organisation, but not knowing where to start?
  • Having a dream, but also a family that is not exactly in support to pursue this?
  • Knowing that you can do much more with your team, but not having a clue how to realise this?

Now, if you bring in the challenge, I will facilitate a “2016 & Beyond Exploration Session”. Below you’ll find more information how this could look like, but if you’re already clear what challenge you’d like to put on the table, you can access my calendar and block a time-slot via this link.

Why I do this? I enjoy the energy that sparks from these type of conversations. And I have it as a great opportunity to upgrade my network from just being rather impersonal online connections, followers and post readers, to names plus a voice and a story.

What was my challenge and will be my focus for 2016?

The last year has been quite a rollercoaster for me. About a year ago I felt like having reached a dead end; I needed something fundamentally different to get my juices going. Last June everything fell into place.

I realised that what makes me really happy as a father and leader, is to use my 20-year corporate/consultancy experience to create organisations that would make the children of our children and the generations after also happy.

For me it is clear now what I have to do in 2016 and beyond: working together with leaders and managers to find out what is viable in their organisation, what has a future. And then translate these viable elements into execution: find sustainable solutions for the current daily challenges and work towards a future-proof organisation.

By giving the future a voice, and to explore and further build on the question “What is viable in your organisation?”, I want to contribute to a sustainable world.

What are we going to talk about when we have a conversation?

The “2016 & Beyond Exploration Session” will be about you. During this 45-minute-or-so conversation you will:

  • Create a sense of clarity about what an inspiring viable future could look like for you and/or your company with regards to your challenge
  • Discover essential building blocks for creating this future
  • Determine the #1 thing stopping you from realising this future
  • Identify action steps that will move you towards it

This offer is for everyone who reads this post. Even if we’re not connected (yet) or if this is the first post you read, I’m more than happy to hear from you.

Via this link you’ll get direct access to my agenda, so you can block a time-slot that will be convenient for you. Ideally our conversation takes place via Skype or FaceTime, but of course we could also set up a teleconference.

Whether we will talk in the near future or not, I wish you a great start of 2016.

Un abrazo, Joost.